SensoPart presents their new VISOR® Robotic vision sensor with URCap software. The VISOR Robotic vison sensor can communicate directly with Universal Robot (UR) systems. This simplifies the configuration of automated tasks, in particular, with the aid of prepared application routines. 

Divelbiss is a complete Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions company. They offer VersaCloud M2MIndustrial Internet of Things (IIOT) Telematics Solutions

SensoPart just released the new FT 55-CM color sensor capable of distinguishing 12 colors​​ up to 150mm. You can read about here or watch a video on it capabilities here(6/26/2017)

SensoPart is releasing a NEW HMI SensoWeb for the VISOR product line. Watch what it can do here. (6/9/2017)

​​​​SensoPart's VISOR V20 Standard Code Reader: A Low-Cost Vision Code Reader with a 1.3 MP Resolution and High-Performance Wrapped Up in a New Standard Model 

Electro-Sensors' HazardPRO Monitoring System: Offers Intrinsically Safe Class II, Div 1 Certification for the HazardPRO Wireless Nodes and Sensors

SensoPart introduces their new photoelectric proximity sensors with BlueLight technology - F 10 BlueLight, F 25 BlueLight and F 55 BlueLight - offer greater detection efficiency than conventional red light proximity sensors when detecting dark or transparent objects.

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SensoPart has two new power color sensors (FT 55-CM-4-xxxxx-L5M and L8M) with a range of 20 - 150 mm, and can store up to 7 and 12 colors simultaneously, respectfully, and are IO capable.  Learn more from this video:  

                                         ​SensoPart:  FT 55-CM Color Sensor!

The FT 55-CM Full-Spectrum color sensor offers a scope of functions that are unsurpassed in its performance class by sensing 12 colors. The wide operating range – independent of distance – combined with the flexible color detection feature gives a diverse range of applications. The large integrated LCD display and remote configuration via SensoVisual and IO-Link set new standards in ease of use and connectivity. 

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Ask us about our new Catcher I & II product.  It is perfect for the canning industry to identify missing paper labels on cans or missing cans in cases before packaging. 

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​​ESI:  Wireless Hazard Monitoring!

HazardPRO was designed from the ground up to provide turnkey, reliable, and consistent protection for your most valuable assets—products, facilities, and most importantly, people. Consistent operation is ensured with built-in tools such as self-diagnostics, transmission logging, and redundant radios providing you confidence that your critical processes are being monitored and logged at all times.  Wireless nodes utilize temperature sensors, RPM shaft speed sensors, and alignment sensors. 

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Watch SensoPart's BlueLight compared to the red light and our competitors. Seeing is believing!​​

Blue Light

​​​​​​Sensopart has two YouTube channels; they are Sensopart Industriesensorik GmbH and Sensopart - US Uncut.  Please visit their sites to see what Sensopart has to offer.

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